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Data warehousing has become a powerful tool as companies strive to become more responsive to customers and competitive in the marketplace. Structured to empower business users to explore and exploit an enterprise's information assets, a data warehouse takes full advantage of the history created by all applications to ensure the ongoing integrity and quality of critical business data.

Data warehousing services from GCB are dedicated to helping organizations successfully develop, implement, and maintain these leading-edge solutions. Providing experienced project teams and leveraging partnerships with industry leaders, GCB can quickly and effectively help you take full advantage of data warehousing solutions.

Data warehousing services include:

Needs Assessment – GCB can design and conduct interviews to identify the needs of system users. These needs can be summarized, describing each data set in the organization along with the creation, maintenance, access, and analysis activities for each user group in the organization. Through a thorough analysis of each group's needs, detailed requirements and design specifications are documented to ensure the system supports your business objectives.

Technical Architecture - It is critical to the success of the warehouse to design the most effective data aggregation strategy and data model. This will not only provide dimensional flexibility and superior performance, but will allow for future data growth and dimensional expansion. An efficient, cost-effective solution is designed to meet your data warehousing needs using industry best practices, proven methodologies, and a compilation of recommended database, extraction, and data modeling tools and technologies.

Data Cleansing and Conversion – GCB consultants are experienced in developing data cleansing and conversion methodologies that assist clients in the transfer of accurate data from any source into their data warehouse. GCB can also assist with integrating data from proprietary and standard formats as well as commercially available data sets. We have experience and relationships with leading extraction and translation tool vendors, which enables the implementation of a rapid and repeatable data cleansing and conversion process.

Prototype Definition and Data Modeling - GCB can provide you with a working model of your actual data that can then be manipulated, reported, and tested in your environment. Through production of prototypes for data, system architecture, and dimensional analysis, GCB can help you at any step in the process.

Report Design and Generation - A flexible report generation interface provides business analysts and executives with the ability to perform detailed analysis of custom reports from their desktop via Web browsers, existing applications, or custom reporting software. We can assist in the design and creation of reporting structures and systems.

Implementation - GCB consultants are experienced in the implementation of data warehouse architecture and related databases. The integrity and implementation rules governing the consistency between information in the data warehouse and the operational applications are identified and initiated, which creates a smooth and effective transition from test to production.

Database Administration - GCB can provide you with database specialists that excel in database maintenance and administration, which will improve data integrity and ensure the long-term success and support of your data warehouse.

Project Management - Supplying project leaders, analysts, practitioners, and architects as well as performing training and education follow-ups, GCB can help you create a flexible set of solutions, support the operation of the data warehouse, and evolve your solution over time.
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